“Axel Adler combines space and movement
with a softly odd sense of humor.
The result is truly magical.”

– Max Maven
Axel Adler - Photo: Mattias Bardå
Magical acts for international audiences

Axel Adler examines the new kinds of expressions provided by illusion. He has specialized in inventing new magic tricks and combines object manipulation with visual art. Axel creates surrealistic scenes that priorities theatrical artifice and visual pleasure. Axel Adler is a magician, innovator and consultant. Born in 1985 in Stockholm, Sweden, Axel has been refining his craft since the age of 8. With a background in performing arts, he adds a dimension of artistic thinking and creativity to magic. Axel has made two appearances on Penn & Teller: Fool Us. He has been a performer at The Magic Castle in Hollywood, The Session in London, Genii Convention in Florida and on MAGIC Live in Las Vegas. He was also invited to perform at FISM 2018 in Busan, South Korea. He has consulted and created magic for other magicians and he has been a featured performer in gala shows and at variety theatres around the world.

“Axel Adler is an astounding creative force in magic.”

– Richard Kaufman
Penn & Teller: Fool Us

Las Vegas

F.I.S.M Gala

2018, Busan, South Korea

The Magic Castle

Palace of Mystery

The Session


Genii Convention

Orlando, Florida

Festival Novog Cirkusa

Zagreb, 2012


Las Vegas

Grand Prix Stage Magic

Nordic Magic Championships, 2011, Kouvola, Finland

X Festival Internacional de Magia

Circo Price, Madrid

Gala International “Vive la Magia”

Léon, Spain

Taikaa! Festival

Circo Center for New Circus, Helsinki

Uppsala Magic And Comedy

Uppsala, Sweden

Axel Adler - Photo: Mattias Bardå
Lectures on Magic

Innovative techniques and new moves to take classical conjuring to the next level.
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“No matter what kind of list I’d be asked to compile over magicians with desirable traits, Axel Adler would be at the top of every single one of them. Everything he does is intriguing, often in more ways than one. Axel’s work is branded with a keen sense for topology, and an astute grasp of dramatics. For years, he has been our own little Swedish secret, and now when he steps out in the world, you are in for a real treat.”

– Tom Stone
Press photos
Axel Adler - Photo: Mattias Bardå
Axel Adler - Photo: Mattias Bardå
Axel Adler - Photo: Mattias Bardå
Axel Adler - Photo: Mattias Bardå

“Great work! Love it! Such good work – so much more than just “fooling” someone.”

– Raymond Crowe

“Amazing! Congratulations Axel for your wonderful act!”

– Norbert Ferre

“One of the best Performances I’ve seen on Penn and Teller Fool Us. Simply beautiful.”

– Sean Bogunia

“I LOVE his thinking and magic both close up and stand up. I predict he will be one of the next big magic stars.”

– Tim Trono

“A person with the heart for magic. In my eyes, one of the most creative we have in the Nordic countries.”

– Joachim Solberg

“I’ve seen Axel perform live before and I absolutely love his creativity and originality in his magic. Axel’s ‘Fool Us’ routine is one of the most beautiful acts I’ve seen on that show.”

– Lauren Cohen

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